Guild Artists

Guild Artists

Are you looking for an artist to create something for you? Artists in the Guild work in lots of different media and many work on commission, as well as selling their work in various galleries and exhibits. To contact one of the artists below, click the contact link next to their name.

































Yong Alford - oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography. Online gallery. Website. Contact the artist. 

Tracie Barry - Oils and acrylics . Contact the artist.

Tonya Bates - Oil. Contact the artist.

Dieter Beck - photography. Contact the artist.

Lori Beckman - watercolor, pen & ink, and mixed media. Contact the artist.

Carole Bedichek - watercolor, acrylic. Contact the artist.

Aquila Beevers - oil pastels, oil paint, chalk pastels, multi media . Contact the artist.

Ken Blue - Oil, Air, Acrylic, Ink. Online Gallery.  Contact the artist.

Marsha Boasso - Contact the artist.

Carolyn Bohn - pastel, oil. Contact the artist.  Website.

Ginny Bojanowski - mixed media and collage Contact the artist.  Online gallery

Angelika Selman-Bondar- ceramics, photography, watercolor, pastel portraits,assemblage collage, jewelry, pen & ink, natural baskets. Contact the artist.

Susanna Bondar - oil painting,watercolor,perismacolor & ink. Contact the artist

Barbara Jean Bowles - acrylic Contact the artist.

Regina Brejda - photo, paint, ceramics Contact the artist.

Shellie Brickner - acrylic. Contact the artist.

Mary Brueckman - stained glass.Contact the artist. Website.

Regina Buccafusco Contact the artist.

Annettte Bush - Oils, watercolors, acrylics . Contact the artist.

Wenqing Cao - oil, acrylic, watercolor, Chinese water color, crayon, pencil. Website. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Jamela Carnes - mixed, printmaking, paper craft. Contact the artist.

Georgette Laber Carter - photography. Contact the artist.

Jane Cashin - watercolor, acrylic Contact the artist.

Moachu Cheng - watercolor. Contact the artist.

Carolyn Chou - Watercolor, Acrylic. Contact the artist

Kathy Cole - origami tesselations. Contact the artist.

Arthur & Bonnie Cox - oil. Contact the artist.

Alicia Cully - stain and wood. Contact the artist.Website

Anita Cunningham - watercolor Contact the artist.  Online gallery

Ann deLorge - acrylic. Website. Contact the artist.

Francesca De Rienzo - oil. Contact the artist

Cyndy Epps - acrylic, oil, charcoal, murals. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Hyunsuk Erickson - mixed media. Contact the artist.

Sharon Fausnight - oil painting. Contact the artist.Online gallery

Carol & Tom Fuller - acrylic, oil, woodworking . Contact the artist.

Mary Futrell - Acrylic. Contact the artist.

Roy Fyffe - oil.  Contact the artist.

Charles Garrick - acrylic, oil. Contact the artist.

Ann Gilmore - acrylic and oils. Contact the artist.

Susan Glazner - Acrylic, watercolor, pencil, pen and ink. Contact the artist.Online gallery

Stormy Grygo - oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, pen & ink, photography, pottery, watercolor. Online gallery.Contact the artist.

Nico Gozal - Silk, Fabric dyes, Paper, Multi Media. Website.  Contact the artist.

Lois Gunn Hall - oil Contact the artist.

Chris Hardy - Acrylic, pastels, chalk, pen/ink. Contact the artist

Tam Harmon - photography & writing. Online gallery.  Contact the artist

Garalynn Hauser - acrylic, charcoal, ink. Contact the artist.

Marie Herndon - acrylic. Contact the artist.

Colette Hughes - Contact the artist

Laura Hughes -Pencil, Pen and Ink, Acrylic Contact the artist

Margaret Hunt- fiber art. Contact the artist. Website. Blog.

Saralyn Ingram Contact the artist

Alva Jones - photography, oil, pastel, acrylics, pottery. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Randy Jones - all media. Contact the artist.

Jerald Josey - photographyContact the artist. Website

Lauren Kerbelis - oil, watercolor. Contact the artist

Arlene Kevitz - watercolor. Contact the artist

Rosalie Kinney - oil, water color . Contact the artist.

Judy Kirkland - watercolor and concrete.Contact the artist.

Herman Kunis - silver/copper jewelry; metal/stone sculpture. Online gallery.  Contact the artist.

Linda Lavigne - watercolor, oil, acrylic. Contact the artist.  Online gallery.

Veronica Leaptrott - photography. Contact the artist.

Jerry Ledbetter - lifescapes photography. Contact the artist. Website

Katherine Leech - oils. Contact the artist.

Bonnie Lowery - Contact the artist

Gina Lowery - Contact the artist

Sheryll Maddox - watercolor, photography. Contact the artist.

Lydia Mattlage - acrylic. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Judy Maxwell - watercolor, acrylic and fiber art. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Patricia Missiledine Contact the artist.

Charlene Montgomery - watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed. Contact the artistWebsite.

C. Emory Moody - Photography. Contact the artistWebsite

Karen Mosley - Acrylic. Contact the artist

Joshua Newton - Graphic pencil, pastels, watercolor pencils, & acrylics. Website. Contact the artist.

Anne Nielsen - oil. Website. Contact the artist.

Carolyn Odell - oil. Contact the artist.

Ruth Pearl - pastel, oil, acrylic. Contact the artist. Online gallery. Website

Wayne Pitts - oil painting Contact the artist.

Sue Porterfield – oil painting. Contact the artist. Online gallery.

Kathy Rhodes - oil. Contact the artist

Christina Rice - charcoal, graphite, pastel. Contact the artist. Website. FacebookOnline gallery.

Tiffany Rowe - Mixed Medium: Acrylic, charcoal, pencil/paper, clay, . Contact the artist.

Emily Shipe - watercolor, pottery, acrylic. Contact the artist.Online gallery

Terry Shotton - encaustic and oil. Contact the artist. Website.

Doris Gunn Smith - Contact the artist.

Myra Smith - Painting, Film and Literature Contact the artist.

Terry Smith - Oil Painting. Contact the artist.

Travis Smith - Wood, Marble and photography. WebsiteContact the artist.

Jeanne Stanford - colored pencil, wire wrapped jewelry and glassware, water color, acrylic. WebsiteContact the artist.

Joetta Stevens. Contact the artist.

Caren Stewart- Collage, drawing, painting, jewelry, furniture painting, murals, doll-making. Contact the artist.  Online gallery

Shauna Stotler-Hardy - photography Contact the artistWebsite

Terry Stotler - Graphic Doodles in Mixed Media. Contact the artist. 

Helen Swaim - Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pens. Facebook. Online gallery Contact the artist

Casey Szocinski - photography. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Lynn Tesch - Fiber Artist with emphasis on Figurative Sculpture. Contact the artist.

Gwen Urbanik - oil, acrylic. Contact the artist

Jane Waldrop - watercolor Contact the artist.Online gallery

Peter Wang - Watercolor Contact the artist

Kaye Ward - Contact the artist

Marion Ward - Acrylic paint, mixed media Contact the artist

Shelley Washington - Acrylic, oil Contact the artist

Michael Watts - Photography Contact the artist.Website

Margaret Wesley - multi-media. Contact the artist.

Eric Wessling - Photography. Contact the artist.

Holly Westcott - water media, pastel . Contact the artist.

Pat Wilczek - watercolor. Contact the artist. Online gallery

Beth-Danielle Williams - ceramics,photography Contact the artist.

Brenda Williams - watercolor. Contact the artist.

Linda Yi - pastel, watercolor, oil and mixed media. Contact the artist.





Art Classes

Get creative at the Guild's art classes!  Available to members and non-members.  To register or see class descriptions, visit our classes page.   Coming up this fall: 

Children"s Drawing and Painting
8-12 year olds
Thursdays 4:30 - 5:30
Session 3 - November 5, 12, 19, & Dec 3
$80.00 + $5.00 Supply Fee per 4 week session